7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment

7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment

toxic work environment

It’s amazing how whatever job/career you end up in and the environment you become surrounded in directly impacts your feeling of self worth and overall happiness so much!

Did you know that the average person spends one third of their life AT WORK?! When I heard these facts it really put life in perspective. Why would anyone ever spend that much of their life at a job they absolutely hate? Life’s too short! It’s scary to leave a stable job that maybe you’ve been at for a while where you are comfortable with your everyday routine, it really is, but it’s a million times worth it if it means going from dreading work everyday to waking up excited for what’s to come that day!

If you are unsure on whether you’re working in a place that’s impacting your happiness for the worse ask yourself if the 7 toxic signs below are present in your everyday place of work:

1. Poor Communication

If there is no communication in a work place then there is bound to be chaos. It’s extremely frustrating to be given a task and not explained what is fully expected of you until after you’re finished and your boss then explains it wasn’t done right for example. Lack of communication results in frustration and it does not create a healthy work environment.

2. Everyone Around You Is In A Bad Mood

The people who you surround yourself with directly impacts how you start to think AND act. This is why successful people with such strong mindsets such as Gary V tell you to pick the five very best people you know in your life and create your inner circle with them because the people you surround yourself with directly influences how you begin to think and act!

Because we spend such a large portion of our lives at work the people we see everyday AKA our coworkers have a huge influence on us whether we realize it or not. Do you ever notice certain mannerisms a new coworker has such as maybe a phrase that they’re known for saying and then a few months later you catch yourself saying the same thing?! Crazy right. Your coworkers’ bad moods, mindsets, and attitudes are bound to rub off on you.

3. You Have No Work Life Balance

If you’re missing out on big life events in your personal life on a regular basis for work then that’s a serious issue.

Life is about balance and if you have none that can make a dramatic difference in your overall mental well being and happiness levels.

4. You’re Not Excited About Going To Work Anymore

This one is HUGE. If you’re not excited about going to work anymore it means you’re not passionate about that job anymore! Whether it’s the people you’re surrounded by, the actual work you’re doing, the lack of recognition you’re receiving, or whatever it may be, you need to get out.

Don’t waste your life in a place where you’re unhappy!

5. Your Boss Has Poor Leadership Skills

Does your boss micro manage you when you’re someone who needs their space to work or vice versa? Maybe your boss won’t listen to your ideas and belittles you? Whatever it is, poor management skills impact your work experience and clearly make for a toxic work environment.

6. Inconsistent Rules

If one employee is told that they can do something and then you try and do the same thing but get scolded for it that is toxic! 

If there is no consistency in a work place that is a toxic work environment.

7. You Begin To Question Your Own Self Worth

This one is SO important. If you aren’t feeling like an important piece of the puzzle at work it messes with your mind and can even lead to depression. Really ask yourself if you feel valued at work. Ask yourself if you are receiving the recognition you need and deserve. Ask yourself if you’re feeling fulfilled with the work you’re doing. If not…GET OUT!


Leaving a place of work is scary but if you’re working in a toxic environment and there’s nothing left you can do to change your situation then you need to get out and find somewhere new.

Don’t let fear indicate how you live your life. Don’t let what others’ think dictate your happiness. YOU are in control of your own life and if you’re not happy in you current work situation then make a change! Only you can do this for yourself.